Fight pants at wedgie level.

I’m starting a little blog up. I hope you’ll like it and I really hope other stage 3C breast cancer fighters and survivors will find comfort and strength in my determination to kick the living daylights out of cancer for the second time around… Equally I hope I come across women in a similar situation who can offer me the same.

I was recently diagnosed with a recurrence of my breast cancer with my supraclavicular lymph node and axillary (underarm) nodes affected. They diagnosed it as stage 3C which is pretty shit.

I had been for 2 checks at my breast clinic because I had underarm pain and pain behind my breast but twice I had been told they were 100% certain it was nerve damage from my previous double mastectomy and reconstruction. I still felt unsure and just 3 days after I was seen, I found the lump above my collar bone – 6th January. I just knew it was back.

I had to wait two absolutely hellish days for it to be Monday so I could speak to someone and thankfully I was seen on Monday 8th, ultrasound scan, biopsy and CT scan happened on the same day and confirmed the motherfucker was back.

Michael had to have a job interview while I was at the hospital (which he amazingly got – he’s my absolute hero) so my dad came with me and when they told us it had returned, my poor dad almost fainted – twice! If you can imagine your absolute worst nightmare, this was mine. It was just incredibly terrifying.

I was literally begging the consultant to tell me it wasn’t cancer, telling him I’ve got a 3 year old. I was grabbing his hands pleading with him. My little girl, she needs me. I wanted to look after my dad and he wanted to look after me but it was just awful.

Michael came straight from his interview and in the car on the way home, I just screamed – I didn’t even realise I could make these noises. I screamed and screamed because I knew recurrence was bad news. I couldn’t accept it. That I won’t be around for Ivy when she needs me. What if she gets picked on at high school because people pick on redheads. Who’ll do her hair for her on her first day of school or be there for her when she just needs her mum.

Who’ll look after my Michael when he’s lonely in bed at night. Who will he share his day with and send funny photos of Ivy to and who will he go to gigs with. Who’ll sing (really terribly) to him while he plays the guitar. I imagined him having to meet someone new and worried he and Ivy would forget me.

My heart broke for my poor mum and dad. My mum crumbled when we got back from the hospital. My poor mum and dad. They shouldn’t have to go through it all again.

When we got back from the hospital, my breast care nurse phoned to say they’d amazingly reported the CT scan and thankfully it hadn’t spread to any other organs. I thought this meant it could be cured and spent 2 days blissfully unaware.

We had earlier planned to go away to celebrate my 3 year remission (12.01.18) and decided we’d still go anyway. We had to go to the hospital first. Here’s when my oncologist and breast care nurse told me that 3C was classed as incurable (that’s the last time I’ll use that word because it’s a horrible one).

I went into meltdown again, started grabbing Michael, grabbing his jumper. All I really got from that appointment was “let’s aim for 3½ years” and “I know of one stage 3C patient who made it to 10 years”. There were more positive things but I don’t remember them.

Our night away was cancelled and on the morning of what would have been my remission celebration, I was led in a PET scanner and then sat in the old chemo chair having round one whilst sobbing loudly 🙈. I just couldn’t accept it.

Friends and family lifted me gradually out of the depression. I don’t think I moved from my bed for 5 days. I couldn’t sleep and when I did, I woke up praying I was in a bad dream. My poor Ivy, she knew something was going on. I was being distant with her, I know it’s awful but I instantly didn’t want her to depend on me because I didn’t know what was going to happen. She crawled into bed with me a few times and even stroked my hair. #heartburst

I spoke to Sara – my breast care nurse and she really changed my thinking around. I asked “how do you know it’s definitely going to come back?” she said “we don’t know that Roisin…. It obviously has a high recurrence rate but you are going to be one of those women I tell my patients about when you’re older.” She said surgery may now be a possibility, that I will probably have my ovaries removed to stop my hormones and they’ll blast me with radio and chemo. I told her I’d read loads of Stage 3C survivor stories and she said to keep on reading them! She also told me patients with a positive attitude can do up to 20% better than others. She said when my oncologist mentioned 3½ years, she simply meant make that your first milestone, then she had also said “make Ivy’s first day at big school your next goal” but I hadn’t heard that.

For the first time in a week, I had some motherfucking hope and I wrapped literally ever fibre of myself around it…. And I’ll never unwrap myself from it.

I have started the keto diet which there is SO much evidence about it fighting and killing cancer cells. Keto is just no carbs or sugar. Cancer cells thrive off sugar so just cut it out. Friends and family have brought us so many gifts, supplements, even a bloody holiday. We are drenched in love and kindness and we just can’t thank each and everyone of you enough.

Just as cancer thrives from sugar, I thrive from the fighting talk, I need it (maybe that makes me a needy little sucker but hey ho). So writing down my feelings, although personal (and some I’ll still keep to myself) reeeeally helps me because I feel SO much support. It’s truly wonderful.

I am doing everything right, I AM going to be there for Ivy’s first AND last day at high school. I am going to grow old with my one true love and our families and friends are going to see us blossom 🌸. We are really reeeeally hoping to still go ahead with adopting our boy… I just need to convince my oncologist to get behind me for that one because I’m going bloody nowhere.


28 thoughts on “Fight pants at wedgie level.”

  1. Roisin, you are completely awe-inspiring! How you begin to process this I have no idea. My heart goes out to all your friends and family!
    My grandma fought for 12yrs following her secondary breast cancer diagnosis and that’s at age 75, at your age you will smash this!!! I have complete faith that your gorgeous little girl will drag every inch of fighter out of you. Im sending lots of positive vibes and love. This shitty chapter of your life will not drag you down it will only make you stronger!
    Much love xx


  2. Truly inspirational lady that’s beautiful inside & out & if anyone can fight this…then “ITS YOU ROISIN” of that there is no doubt!!! 🙏♥️
    Go “RO” Go. 👊🌈😘
    Everyone & I mean EVERYONE is right there supporting & fighting with YOU. X 💝X.


  3. Fantastic inspirational message Roisin, you are amazing and do strong and caring, you will beat the shit out of this..again..and we will help you x you are always in my thoughts x


  4. You are an amazing, strong, positive and truly inspirational lady Roisin who will beat this without a doubt! We are all here for you and sending you all our positive vibes. X


  5. Made me cry and then made me smile too. You are incredible Hun and Ivy has one amazing mummy to look up to and be proud of as she grows up . Keep those fighting pants pulled up high 😘😘😘 lots of love xxxxxx


  6. You Roisín are one amazing lady! You can kick it’s ass – no problem. Me and little Ro know how rock hard you are! You’ve got this. We are with you!!! Xxx


  7. Embrace all our love and strength Ro, simply add it to your own…..we got this!!!
    ‘Best successes come after their disappointments.’
    Love you so much. Sending lots of warm hugs from Australia 😍😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Roisin you are an inspiration to everyone. What a fighter you are! If everyone had your positive attitude the world would be a better place.
    Amazing blog . You are loved by so many people. I will also send you positive thoughts and lots of love. Hugs from Dorte xxx


  9. Roisin while reading this you made me cry & you made me smile.
    You are a ballsy lady who is standing up & fighting this & we are all here willing you on. You are an inspiration to others & an amazing lady!
    Kick it’s ass & we will cheer you on!!


  10. Words can’t express how proud I am to call you my friend ❤❤❤ . You ALWAYS know the right thing to do, and the right thing to say so this blog is Defo with caps D a brilliant idea!! Knit the positivity into every inch of you and beat the f****r to a pulp! You are going to a WINNER because, well you’re Our Ro and we’ve all got your back. Lots of love XxxXxxXxxXxxX


  11. You have so much courage to talk so openly about your cancer.You have a great attitude and I am sure this positivity will see you through for many years to come.You are in my thoughts.Eibhlin


  12. Absolute awe inspiring blog Roisin, you are wonderful and to go with those pants I’m sending you these gloves 🥊 🥊 🥊 🥊 xxx


  13. Roisin, beautifully put from every angle. Pull them fighting pants up high lady, we’re coming along for the ride weather you want it or not. Yes you will be there for Ivy’s first and last day at high school, her prom night, her first love and her first heartbreak too!! You are an amazingly strong lady and together with your lovely family, you can ride this storm to the end. The gloves are off Cancer cos Roisin is on this to kick your ass xxxxx


  14. Rosin your absolutely amazing
    Beautiful person 💕
    Ivy has amazing mummy
    Keep those fighting pants high
    my old work buddy you can do this
    Lots of love xxx💕💕


  15. I’ve no words to tell you how much I admire you, you’ve got this and it ain’t going to know what hit it! So many people are in your corner, and on the shitty days when this bastard disease tries to get you down draw your strength from there! Best wishes to you and all your family xxx


  16. Roisin Roisin Roisin = Fighter Fighter Fighter
    You have made me sob like a baby again. Why is life so cruel that you are stuck in this nightmare again? Well all I can say is to me you are a truly inspirational, strong, brave, happy, positive, fun, friendly, beautiful woman and I know you will come out the other end of this and you will have a great Fighter story to tell. I’m sending you so much positivity and I know you will kick the crap out of it. Stay strong but most importantly keep that smile on your beautiful face and never stop giving Ivy and Michael your love xxx


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